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10 things...all in a days work.

-running in the chicago wind is fucking stupid. someone remind me of this.
-if ever unsure about how to 'spot' someone at the gym, dont hesitate to ask...he may just end up dropping the weights on himself then give you dirty looks the remained of your stay.
-seeing the kid you punched in the mouth at your mothers house isnt as uncomfortable as you think it might be.
-while you're girlfriend is off eating pulled-pork sandwiches in rural kentucky the tv stays on the history channel just on principal.
-will ferrel talking about dragons is amazing, go see starsky and hutch.
-food total: one stolen banana. two packages of chicken flavored ramen noodles. three waffles.
-the song that some dickheads sing about you being in a playstation game kinda rules. i want residual checks you dirty heshers.
-cutting jamies hair sucks. hes a picky bastard...and even when i give him free product he stiffs me. thats core kids for you.
-pete will always call you one hour late for everything then get mad at you. you must remember this is his style.
-you have to remember, the ones who dont get it make the best targets.

soundtrack for this post:
kid dynamite - heart a tact.
the cure - 10:15 saturday night.
the pixies - where is my mind.
none more black - invisible suitcases.
jay z - encore.
simon and garfunkle - homeward bound.
abba - dancing queen.
slayer - reign in blood.
elton john - tiny dancer.
earth crisis - no allegiance.
black cat music - hands in the estuary.
bane - can we start again.
dead prez - hip hop.
johnny cash - hurt.
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